francaisACG Solutions was founded in 2007 by Frederic POTHON. More than 25 years of experience in safety airborne software development and in tool qualification for Turbomeca then for Airbus companies. SC190 member for DO-248/ED-94 development (DO-178B/ED-12B clarifications), then Tool Qualification subgroup chairman in the framework of WG71/SC205, for DO-178C/ED-12C development.

Frederic Pothon (linkedin) is EASA CVE (Compliance Verification Engineer) for Aerotec Company. He also provides some courses in Polytech Montpellier. He is also FAS (Forum for Aeronautical Software) member (in charge of monitoring DO-178C/ED-12C application). He is also EASA Independent External Expert #1036.

ACG Solutions can help you to optimize your software processes, and a better mastery of the risks connected to the certification by proposing you :

  • To provide some support on your projects, from process definition to meetings with certification authorities. It may includes data inspections, on site workshops, some audits (gap analysis) to prepare certifications reviews, and/or for process improvements.
  • To advice on the processes using the based development models  (DO-331/ED-218)automatic generation of code, and tool qualification, COTS or in-house at any level (DO-330/ED-215)
  • To perform some training courses on the application of the DO-178C/ ED-12C and on the qualification of software tools.  ACG-Solutions trainings are selected by Airbus (EADS Learning Services) and EUROCAE
  • panneau NEWTo answer to any questions on DO-178C/ED-12C and its supplements application, to support your on-going discussions with your customers or certification authorities through a “hot-line” certification services



Training and consulting on software aspects of certification