Model-Based development and verification supplement (DO-331/ED-218)


The purpose of this training is to provide attendees with the information required to understand the technical concepts of the standard and its associated requirements. The key principles and how to use them will be presented and detailed.

This will allow a better awareness of the constraints and benefits inherent to model based engineering practices, which may significantly impact both staffing and costs.

The training does not intend to promote any particular commercial modeling tool. However, as the tools usually play a key role in the design and verification of models, references to various tool suites/vendors will be made all along the training.

Who should attend?

Architects, Design authorities, Software leaders, Quality engineers, Software team engineers, certification engineers, involved in a project where models are used.

Prerequisite: Knowledge of the ED-12XX (DO-178XX) principles is a minimum.


The training will be on two working days (total 14 hours), including large slots for discussion. The following items will be addressed:

  • Introduction: why, what…
  • Scope of applicability of the standard
  • Characterization of a model
  • The concept of Higher level requirements
  • Development Processes using models
  • Model Simulation, constraints and benefits
  • Model Coverage, a specific activity
  • Global Approaches using models
  • Discussion and conclusions

On top of the discussions, some exercises will also be provided, spread over the two days.