Take-off head-on


To « take-off » and address your needs, ACG Solutions may propose flexible consulting activties such as


  • Gap Analysis: Based on actual existing data, the gap analysis identifies the DO-178 compliance gaps, and provides a list of action items to fill the gaps. The gap analysis is typically conducted on two days, (may be just after the training). It is also an opportunity to continue the discussion started during the training.
  • Number of on-site workshops may be decided to enhance the software life cycle data, based on this action items list. A workshop is typically based on the following steps:
    1. Data Identification: The Customer Company provides to ACG Solutions existing and relevant data, possibly updated after the gap analysis
    2. Workshop Preparation: ACG Solutions analyses the data, and identifies remaining problems and room for improvements
    3. On site Workshop: An on-site meeting is setup (typically on 3 days) to discuss about the comments and to update the data.
    4. Data Update: Data are updated following the recommendations provided during the workshop. For any reason, the Customer Company may identify some questions or problems, so exchange via emails with ACG Solutions experts are still possible.

Training and consulting on software aspects of certification