DO-178B/ED-12B to DO-178C/ED-12C: What has changed for which impact

This training identifies and analyses each modification between the B and C versions of the DO-178/ED-12 document, and analyses the possible impacts of these changes onto the current software life cycles.
The recommendations concerning the techniques related to the supplements to the DO-178/ED-12C are then presented afterwards:

  • Model Based Development (DO-331/ED-218),
  • Formal Methods (DO-333/ED-216),
  • Object Oriented Technology and Related Technics (DO-332ED-217), and
  • The new Tool Qualification Document (DO-330/ED-215). Software Manager, Quality Manager, Software Engineer, Certification Manager

Software Manager, Quality Manager, Software Engineer, Certification Manager. A good knowledge of DO-178B/ED-12B is recommended

The seminar is setup on two working days and includes

  • Why changing? Identification and analyze of the main text changes (DO-178/ED-12)
  • Supplements: Formal Methods, Objet Oriented Technologies and Model based Development and Verification
  • Tool Qualification Document.
  • The schedule incorporates significant opportunities for interaction and discussion with the authors of the documents.