RTCA DO-178C/EUROCAE ED-12C defines the applicable objectives to the development of airborne software. How to use this document all along the software life cycle? How to be compliant with? How to improve the software life cycle processes? What are the changes from DO-178B/ED-12B?

ACG Solutions proposes a three or four day DO-178C/ED-12C training.  It includes

  • The core document DO-178C/ED-12C
  • The “supporting information” (DO248C/ED-94C)
  • The Model Based Development and Verification supplement (DO-331/ED-218)
  • and the Tool Qualification document (DO-330/ED-215)

The agenda of the four day training is the same, but this extra day provides more time for case studies and practices


The goal of this training is to provide all necessary knowledge to understand the new “Software regulations Suite”, to highlights the main changes between DO-178B and DO-178C and then to discuss on their possible impacts on the current processes.


This training is addressed to Software project leader, Quality Responsible, Software team engineers. A first software development experience is recommended.


  • First Day: DO-178C/ED-12C principles, planning and  development  processes and
  • Second Day: Practice on requirement development, verification process, practices on test cases, tool qualification, and
  • Third Day:  Model Based Development and Verification supplement, other integral processes (configuration and change management, quality assurance and Certification liaison), several hot topics (such as WCET, COTS, Parameter Data Items).