DO200B/ED76A New standards for processing aeronautical databases

The purpose of this training is to provide attendees with the information required to understand the technical concepts of the standard and its associated requirements. The key principles and required activities will be presented and detailed. This will allow a better awareness of the constraints inherent in a proper “DO200/ED76 ” compliant process, which may significantly impact both staffing and costs

Beyond digging into the standard, the certification mechanisms will be presented.

The training will be on one working day, including large slots for discussion. The following items will be addressed:


  • Basic concepts of an aeronautical data chain
  • Role of DO200/ED76 within an aeronautical data chain
  • Data characteristics
  • Verification and validation
  • Tool Qualification
  • Documentation
  • Compliance demonstration


Architects, Design authorities, Software leaders, Quality engineers, Software team engineers,  certification engineers, involved in a project where aeronautical databases are to be developed, tuned, or used.
Prerequisite: none