Need for tool validation

It is necessary to assess that the tool is compliant with user requirements, whether or not explicitly defined in the TOR. This is the purpose of « validation ».

So in addition to the verification objectives, validation is the purpose of two complementary objectives:

  • Objective T0-6: validate the Tool Operational Requirements by review and/or analyses. The goal of this activity is to check the completeness and relevance of the requirements with respect to the certification credit claimed.
  • Objective T0-7: validate the behavior of the tool in the operational environment, by execution (tests), in order to assess that all needs of the software life cycle are met.

§6.2.1 states: « The validation objectives of the tool operational verification and validation process consist of the analysis of the functionality and the outputs of the tools for correctness and completeness with respect to the software life cycle activities performed. Validation objectives are:
aa. Ensure that the Tool Operational Requirements are sufficient and correct to eliminate, reduce, or automate the process(es) identified in the PSAC.
bb. Ensure that the tool meets the needs of the software life cycle process in the tool operational environment. »

These two objectives supplement the verification objectives performed on the Tool Operational Requirements and on the Tool itself for compliance with the Tool Operational Requirements.