Object Oriented Technology and related techniques supplement (DO-332/ED-217)


This 2-day session comprehensively covers ED-217, the ED-12C supplement that describes the vulnerabilities associated with object-oriented technology and related techniques and shows how to address them. ED-217’s guidance can be used in developing High Integrity application in other domains besides avionics.

In addition to the lectures, attendees will have the opportunity to experiment these concepts in workshops, to be done on personal computers. Each attendee will need to bring their own laptop running Windows (Vista, 7 or 8). The workshops will be provided in the form of a pre-installed USB key

To whom is this Training Course for?

Software Manager, Quality Manager, Software Engineer, Certification Manager

A good knowledge of DO-178B/ED-12B is recommended.


The seminar is setup on two working days and includes

  • Rationale for using object oriented technologies in certified software
  • Objectives and Activities modified and added by ED-217
  • Vulnerabilities associated with object oriented technologies
  • Practical exercises

The schedule incorporates significant opportunities for interaction and discussion.