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What is the meaning of the requirement verification objective related to “verifiability”?
How should defensive programming be considered while performing the structural coverage analysis?
Do I need to qualify that tool and at which level?
Should utilities library requirements be traced or are they derived?

For these questions and others, ACG Solutions proposes the

What is it?
It is a support provided by international software experts to answer to any questions related to the understanding or the application of DO-178C/ED-12C document suite (including supplements and tool qualification document). The questions may come from your DO-178C analysis, internal discussions or from external (customer or certification authorities) reviews and audits.

How it works?
The question is provided by email, with additional data such as extracts or examples from your software life cycle data, comments received, review minutes. A first written answer is provided in less than 72 hours (working day) time frame. Typically the answer explains the regulations, and suggests adaptations to your context as needed. When necessary this answer is later completed with more details for complex situations. A teleconference may be also planned as necessary to explain the proposal.

How to benefit from this support?
The access is based on an annual “registration” . Then the invoice is based on the actual time spent by the expert to answer to the questions.

For any questions or registration : Contact

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