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–  AdaCore Technologies for DO-178C / ED-12C   © Quentin Ochem, Frédéric Pothon 2017
Use of SPARK to implement Parameter Data Items (PDI)   © Frédéric Pothon, Yannick Moy CTIC 2017
An incremental and multi-supplement compliant process for Autopilot development © Frédéric Pothon, Amin EL Marabti CTIC 2017
–  Dissimilar tools: Use cases and impact on tool qualification level © Frédéric Pothon, 2015
Tool Qualification in Multiple Domains: Status and Perspectives ERTS2 2014 Contributive Paper
Towards the qualification of open-source code generators CTIC 2013 © Frédéric Pothon, 2013
Principles and benefits of using DO-330/ED-215 (Software Tool Qualification Considerations) Tool Qualification Symposium 2013 © Frédéric Pothon, 2013
DO-330/ED-215 Benefits of the New Tool Qualification Document © Frédéric Pothon, 2013
DO-178C/ED-12C versus DO-178B/ED-12B Changes and Improvements –  © Frédéric Pothon, 2012

Not anymore available:
– COTS tools: What are the user TOR and the Developer TOR? What are the required verification between these two data? Frédéric Pothon, 2012
– Target simulator and Model Simulators: Need for Qualification – Presentation CTIC 2011-  Frédéric Pothon, 2011
– Presentation of the new DO-330/ED-215 Tool Qualification Document – CTIC 2010 –  Frédéric Pothon, 2010
– Qualified Code Generators : Credit and benefits – Presentation CTIC 2010 Frédéric Pothon, 2010

Coming soon:
DO-331/ED-218: A Model Based Supplement Digest! (Laurent Pomies)

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